No Pink Spandex would like you to join us for our live event this Spring. Spend time with like-minded fans and our esteemed guest as you experience this intimate event in The Big Apple, New York City!

Thank You!

No Pink Spandex Live 2012 has come to a close. Thanks to all the attendees and our guest Jason David Frank for coming out and making this weekend very special.

To our vendor Image Anime and our photographer Jason Gibson, thanks for enhancing the experience with your merchandise and expertise respectively.

To the volunteers (and the ad-hoc volunteers as well), thanks for jumping in and helping with whatever needed to get done.

I’d like to give thanks to my staff, and a very special thanks to my Assistant Coordinator Shana who has been essential in this process the whole step of the way.

Thanks again to everyone and keep checking our main website for updates!

Much love,
Lisa J

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